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    All of your orders from all your customers, automatically received, organized, and saved in one place.

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    WizeSupply Chain™ Can Help You Get Paid On Time,
    Increase Sales And Save Operational Costs.

    Designed To Make Your Life Simple

    No more spending hours on the phone taking orders, no more malfunctioning fax machines and no more punching in orders. Receive your orders digitally in one inbox and export them directly into your ERP or accounting systems. Increase speed and efficiency and avoid mistakes and eliminate costly man hours.It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium or large supplier, the WizeSupply Chain™ platform scales to your size, giving you world class technology regardless of the size and scope of your operations.

    All Your Orders Online

    At last! No more spending hours on the phone taking orders, no more malfunctioning fax machines and no more punching in orders. With WizeSupply Chain™ all your orders are received and neatly organized in one inbox, making it a simple click of the button to export to your ERP or accounting systems. Increase speed and efficiency, avoid mistakes and eliminate costly man-hours.

    • All purchase orders accessible via mobile, tablet or desktop.
    • Get rid of papers – move your operations to the digital realm.
    • Get instant B2B online presence, no expensive website required!

    Get Paid On Time

    Tired of end of the month disputes with your customers on missing credits, returns and item delivered. WizeSupply Chain™ platform allows you and your customer to share one set of data. Any change in the order where it’s missing items, out of stock items, returns or credit requests is immediately visible to you and your customer in real-time. This puts you and your customer on the same page regarding what is owned and when.

    Sell More

    WizeSupply Chain™ lets you communicate your up-to-date offering to your customer’s decision makers at the “decision-making-point”. WizeSupply Chain™ encourages customer engagement with an “editable” live order suggestion, requiring a simple “one-click” customer confirmation. Let your sales agent focus on sales and not on taking orders.

  • WizeSupply Chain™ Has All The Features Your

    Operation Needs!

    WizeSupply Chain™ features were created to help optimize operations and cut unnecessary costs. Some of these incredible features are the following:

    Ordering Tool

    Your Online Ordering Tool

    It can cost upwards of $100,000 to build an ordering app. Give your clients the convenience of online ordering at no cost.

    Smart Order

    Get Customer Analytics
    With Every Order Received

    Customized pricing

    Set Customized Prices &
    Variety For Each Customer

    Order Suggestions

    Suggest New Orders
    To Your Customers

    Online Catalog

    Customers Get Instant
    Access to Your Offerings

    Online Presence

    Bring your Business
    To the Digital World

    ERP / Accounting Integration

    Easily Connects with ERP
    & Accounting Systems

    Mobile / Tablet

    Mobile & Tablet Compatible

    Low Cost

    Pay Based On
    Actual Use


    An online purchasing system can be a great help when it comes to running a restaurant or chain, here’s 10 good reasons why...

    1. Cut Out the Human Error

    Incorrect ordering can cost your business. Whether there’s too much of an item or something has been forgotten, mistakes are often made through human error, by kitchen workers who are working endlessly. An online purchasing system reduces those errors because everything is viewable and there are ample opportunities to check orders before they are sent.


    2. Know the Costs before you Order

    With an online ordering platform there’s no need to guess costs. When you purchase online from your suppliers, you can view each item in the catalog with it’s updated price.


    3. Keep an Eye on Your Suppliers

    When you order online you can be sure that your suppliers are delivering exactly what you’re paying for, because all the orders are recorded and viewable upon delivery. This information is available to any employee, so that no matter who made the order, anyone can find the discrepancies.


    4. Track your Credits and Returns

    Once you’ve marked discrepancies and created credits or returns, a good online purchasing system will track and monitor your credits, making sure you receive them at the end of the month . This information is available and clear to both the restaurant and the supplier.


    5. Consolidate all your Orders and Suppliers

    By consolidating your orders, you can get a better understanding of your costs. This information can be powerful to understanding how to cut costs and which items you order most to give you buying power for those purchases.


    6. Increased Transparency, Collaboration and Efficiency

    An online ordering system creates a place in which ordering can become a group effort and all of the responsibility does not fall on one person’s shoulders. Due to the transparency, managers and owners stay in the loop and everything stays stored in one easy to view place.


    7. Get your Inventory Online

    Online inventory management can be a chore, however an online purchasing platform automatically populates your online inventory with all your ordered items, meaning it’s all there – all you have to do now is count it.


    8. No More Entering Orders

    Paperwork is the scourge of the kitchen. The beauty of online ordering is having all your orders digitally and ready to be used in your accounting system, without ever having to them type in.


    9. Order on the Go – at any Time of the Day

    Finished a late shift and the bar needs a re-stock? There’s no need to wait till tomorrow morning to place an order, you can do it there and then on your phone. Now go get some sleep.


    10. Monitor your Recipe Costs in Real Time

    A successful restaurant or chain should be fully aware of its food costs, but usually this means waiting till the end of the month to make the calculation. An online purchasing platform calculates your food costs in real time and alerts for issues before they become problems.

  • Supplier Registration

    WizeSupply Chain™ team is responsible for the procurement of products and services for Restaurants, Pizza stores & its supply chain centers.


    WizeSupply Chain™ prefers to develop long-term partnerships with proactive suppliers that anticipate our needs, generate cost-saving measures and solve problems to create mutually advantageous outcomes.


    WizeSupply Chain™ is always interested in the potential to establish similar working relationships with new suppliers. We will award business on a competitive basis. Careful source review and selection is important. Pricing is not the only criteria. We demand the very best from our suppliers. Our decisions are based on the ability of suppliers to consistently exceed our expectations in the areas of competitive pricing, high product quality and exceptional service levels.


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